Rescue Tech International™ has been in business since 1982, celebrating our 25th anniversary in 2007, and is solely owned and operated by Kim Little.  We are dedicated to bringing you the highest standard of rescue instruction you can find.

"I have been an independent Instructor over 25 years and an Instructor Trainer over 18 years for Rescue 3™.  I teach the Rescue 3 program because I believe it is the best curriculum available anywhere."

At Rescue Tech we have 3 main goals in every class:

Safety at all times - We have an unparalleled safety record.

Learn something new
-  that will help you or your team handle a rescue or disaster faster, with a greater level of expertise, and with less possibility of injury [or death] to the rescuer or victim, human or animal.

Have fun doing the class
- people learn more and retain those skills longer when the learning experience is enjoyable.

“My involvement, since I was 14, in whitewater rafting and jet boating, rock climbing, and active rescue have given me a substantial background in practical experience and knowledge to draw on.”
As a result, Kim has contributed many techniques and skills, learned throughout his world travels, to the Rescue3 learning program.
These include writing a Technical Ice Rescue manual and revising and improving the Rescue 3 Technical Animal Rescue manual.
Kim lived in New Zealand, for 11 years and has taught rescue instruction classes in many countries around the globe.

Rescue Tech works with Fire, Police, Disaster and Rescue Responders of all types, and Kim has been a member of several Search and Rescue teams and is an active Disaster and Rescue Responder.

At Rescue Tech International™, we take our job very seriously - this is not a hobby or part time interest -

“We do this for a living”
Rescue Tech International will be happy to help you with any of your rescue needs.
We have a large amount of experience in the consulting field. [We speak NFPA, USAR, FEMA, NIMS, and OSHA.]

Rescue Tech has helped many Fire Departments, Search and Rescue teams, Rafting companies, and Disaster Responders with their Gear and Equipment needs [see below], Operational Plans, Response Capabilities, Personnel Training, and Incident Pre-planning.

Rescue Tech also provides expert witness testimony.

Please contact us with any of your rescue problems or needs.

Rescue Tech supplies Personal Protective Equipment, Team Gear and Equipment, Boats, and other Rescue Necessities to People and Agencies around the world. Below are just some of our many suppliers. Please contact us with any of your rescue equipment needs, large or small.

Animal Care Equipment and Supplies
Liberty Mountain
New England Rope
Northwest River Supplies
Omega Pacific
Fox International
Rescue Response
Sterling Rope

One of the offshoots of rescue instruction, response, and consulting has been our involvement with television and movie productions.

We are experienced and highly skilled in safety coordination, camera and equipment protection, and swiftwater and rope stunt work.

Please contact us for your next 'perilous production'.

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