Animal rescue situations occur on a large scale during a major disaster event; but, increasingly, on a small scale, can come as frantic requests made to animal control, fire, search and rescue, and emergency management agencies.
Responses may include:  vehicle accidents, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, animal cruelty cases, and many other small incidents.
The federal government and many states have passed mandates requiring rescue teams to have some form of animal rescue capability.

Responding to an animal in peril is not only the humane thing to do, but it may also stop untrained persons (bystanders, owners, etc.) from endangering themselves to save an animal. This can often lead to death or injury, to both the animal and it’s untrained rescuer(s).

Rescue Tech International has developed, with the help of many animal response agencies, an animal rescue course that applies to both multiple or single agency response for not only animal care/control personnel, but for professional rescue agencies (fire, search and rescue, law enforcement) and disaster responders.
This course is taught to human rescue standards and exceeds the guidelines or standards for NFPA, FEMA, and NIMS typing.

The Technical Animal Rescue course is 3 days:
1 in the classroom and 2 field days and includes;
  • Rescue philosophy
  • Liability and personal/department mitigation
  • Size-up
  • Hazard assessment
  • Management and preplanning
  • Panic and behavior
  • Communications
  • Personal and team equipment
  • Animal handling equipment
  • Rescue harnessing for animals and humans
  • Animal handling and behavior
  • Rescuing animals in water and low angle environments
  • Rescue scenarios - for local and disaster response problems

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