Most emergency response teams do not encounter a lot of rope rescue incidents, and therefore do not believe they need much training in technical rope rescue.
However, rope rescues take a high skill level to perform professionally and can also carry a high risk for injury or death, especially by untrained or poorly trained rescuers.

The Rescue Tech / Rescue3  five day rope course will get you the best training your team will need.  We update this course on a regular basis to stay current with the best, safest techniques and equipment out there today.
This course meets or exceeds all the guidelines set forth by the National Fire Protection Agency  [NFPA 1670] and will more than satisfy the requirements of FEMA, USAR, and NIMS typing.

The Technical Rope Rescue course is about a half a day in the classroom and 4½ days in the field and can be taught in an urban, rural, or combined environment.  This course is suitable for all people, trained or untrained and will cover many things including:

  • Rescue philosophy
  • Size-up
  • Liability and mitigation
  • Rope safety
  • Managing a rope rescue
  • Gear and equipment
  • Knots and anchors
  • Mechanical advantage
  • Field expedient harnessing
  • Low angle rope systems
  • High angle rope systems
  • Lowering and raising systems
  • Rappelling [abseiling] and ascending
  • Proper belaying techniques
  • Pick-offs
  • High line systems

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