Rescue 3 started their Swiftwater Rescue instructional program in 1979.  It has been the number one whitewater/flood rescue instructional organization, in the world, since its inception and has set the standard for moving water response in the industry.

Rescue Tech has been instructing swiftwater rescue classes with Rescue 3 since 1982 and with whitewater river running for over 30 years, throughout North America, and in many countries around the world.

There are many levels of water rescue instruction depending on what you want your
personal / team response capability to be.

These include:
  • Awareness - an entry level class for everyone
  • Swiftwater Rescue - for the animal rescuer
  • Whitewater Rescue Technician - for the River Professional
  • Swiftwater Rescue Technician Unit 1 for the Rescue Professional
  • SRT Advanced - for the Rescue Professional

Please contact us and we can discuss the level of instruction that is right for you.

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